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Sex Machine

What is a Sex Machine?

A sex machine is a high-end device specialized in stimulating the female sex organs for carnal pleasure. The machine is used to penetrate the vaginal area. Just like a woman can enjoy solo with it, she can also use it with her partner.

Each sex machine is different from the other. However, the sole aim of every machine is to give you irresistible vibes. No wonder, such an amazing toy is in demand from all over India. In fact, it is one of the highest selling sex toys in Madurai.


How to Use a Sex Machine?

Sex machines are not like those simple vibrators. The modern sex machines have several features like vacuum pumps, remote controls, nipple plugs etc. These give shocks to the sensitive body parts of women. Beginners must be gentle and need to follow some basic information for smoother sexual experience.

Before using a sex machine, one must know its operations. Once done, simply insert the vibrator into your genitals and enjoy the strokes slowly. Try to use water-based lubricant on the surface of the product and on your skin for easy penetration.

Start the vibrators from a lower mode and speed up gently to feel the orgasmic vibes inside your vaginal and anal area. Maintain hygiene by washing the device regularly after use.


Who can Use a Sex Machine?

A sex machine is designed to produce erotic sensations in a woman’s body. The gadget not only provides stimulations in your vagina but also allows anal penetration. Nipples can also be stimulated with the help of this machine through electric impulses.

Right from single unmarried girls to married women, all can use a sex machine. Married women and even lesbian couples find it thrilling to use. This erotic gadget is actually popular in speeding up the strokes that give maximum enjoyment to women.




We are recommending two such pleasure-giving sex machines:


Automatic Adjustable Multifunctional Sex Machine dildo

The multi-functional sex machine is technically designed to give sexual stimulations. It can be adjusted as per your desirable stroking limit.


Easy Love mini sex machine

This gadget is small in size and can be carried anywhere. Women who don’t want big and heavy sex machines will love to use this mini erotic machine.